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A playground has to provide safe and sanitary conditions for children using it. Initially, playgrounds were limited to using pebbles, grass, and sand as the playground surfacing. There were severe rates of injuries and bone fractures due to the hard surface. But with the improved technology, there are improved Playground Safety Surfacing materials that are safe. There are several surfacing options that you can choose from and they all fall into two categories – unitary and loose-fill. Unitary surfaces are made from synthetic elements or recycled tires while loose-fill surfaces are made from shredded wood or rubber.

Playground Safety Surfacing-Tallahassee Safety Surfacing

Loose-Fill Surfaces

These surfaces are loose and when installed on playground surfaces. They have to be surrounded by a barrier so that they may remain within the playground. Examples of unitary surfaces are;

The rubber mulch surfacing is made from synthetic rubber or waste tire bits that are shredded into tiny particles. These particles are then dyed into different colors depending on the consumers’ choice and playground theme.  It has a consistency like wood mulch and has the following features;

  • Critical Fall Height safe.
  • Mulch does not absorb moisture.
  • It inhibits mold and fungus.
  • Rubber mulch withstands hot and cold temperatures.

This Playground Safety Surfacing is the standard playground surface used.  It is manufactured from different soft or hardwoods. Installing Engineered Wood Fiber provides an impact attenuating surface that helps reduce fall-related injuries.

  • Since it is made from a tree, it does not break easily.
  • It meets the basic accessibility guidelines.
  • EWF is very absorbent of water.
  • It is durable and safe.

Unitary playground surfaces are bound or rolled to make tiles or turf and they include poured-in-place rubber, rubber tile etc. Unitary playground surfacing is the preferred surfacing for an inclusive playground. This is because; a unitary surface makes movement for individuals with mobility equipment to play safely. Not every unitary surface is suitable for every playground space, however. Examples of unitary playground surfaces include:

The poured-in-place rubber surfacing is accessible and is often preferred for playgrounds because it is easily customized. Its leveled and smooth surface helps in keeping the playground safe from severe injuries. Tallahassee Safety Surfacing, poured-in-place rubber meets all the set guidelines and standards for shock absorption and the critical fall height requirement. Additional characteristics of this unitary surface are;

  • Great all year long.
  • PIP Suits any design.
  • It does not support growth of molds and fungi.

Rubber tiles provide adequate cushioning while retaining its ease of mobility for inclusive play. Replacing a small section is also possible if one area wears out than another. Rubber tiles have slip-resistant surfaces and are suitable for playground surfaces.

  • They have excellent shock-absorbent properties.
  • Rubber tiles are durable.
  • They do not retain moisture.
  • Rubber tiles do not allow growth of microorganisms.

Asphalt or concrete is an ideal playground surface for sporty areas like the tennis courts and outdoor fitness spaces. This surface provides suitable surface traction for the players. This playground surface is not suitable for children’s playgrounds.

Safety surfacing is essential when it comes to playground safety. It is not a wise decision to construct a playground without proper safety measures taken into account. Safety surfacing from playgrounds is a desirable option to protect your kids from falls and other playground injuries. Playground safety surfacing is important as fall on hard and concrete objects can increase the intensity of the injury. Hence, proper materials should be installed when considering kids’ safety.

Tallahassee Safety Surfacing provides reliable and secure safety surfacing services which you can attain without much issue. Our services are accessible and easily afforded by all. Reach out to us if you feel the need to get the right surfacing done.

What is playground safety surfacing?

It involves the process of installing safety materials on the ground to safeguard the kids using playgrounds from falls and injuries. With such substances in action, a large number of playground accidents are avoided and minimized. The materials are generally composed of recycled rubber. Some of the commonly used materials for safety surfacing:

EPDM Rubber-Tallahassee Safety Surfacing
Rubber Tile-Tallahassee Safety Surfacing

Why choose Tallahassee Safety Surfacing

At our organization, we work with the aim of delivering quality. Many organizations provide the same services like ours, but what makes us different from others are the quality work and reasonable price range. But this does not mean that any quality of product or installation is compromised. All the workers at our organization are full-time safety surfacing installers and have the required skill set. Our success in the safety surfacing industry is because of diligent efforts made by all the organization members.

You can contact our professionals anytime if you require safety surfacing services. We will carry out a meeting with you and inform you about the insights and benefits of choosing the right material. Dial our number now. We will serve you with the best.