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In recent years, safety surfacing has gained immense popularity in the market. It because of the durability of these products, especially the bonded rubber. Bonded rubber has been designed to overcome the limitations of old poured rubber.  For any residential or commercial place, it is a permanent safety solution. Quality products allow easy installation as well as less labor. Even if the surface is previously embedded with stone, asphalt, or other residues, it can be settled down easily. 

Tallahassee Safety Surfacing arranges quality surfacing products at minimal prices for their customers to cope with various safety issues. We have been serving customers within the country for the past few years. Our company is well-known throughout the entire country. Call us for the best and hassle-free service. 

Bonded Rubber-Tallahassee Safety Surfacing

Why should you prefer bonded rubber?  

There might be some misconceptions about artificial safety surfacing. However, if you consider the facts and benefits making a decision won’t be hard. The safety surfacing products are usually tested before it enters the market. The manufacturing companies construct them in a way that makes them 100% recyclable. 

Further, people generally get worried about their children’s safety. The artificial rubber surface is a complete safety surfacing for children and senior citizens. They can easily walk, jog or run without getting injured. All in all, it is an asset to your living. 

How much does Artificial Surfacing cost? 

It merely depends on the depth and the selected option of the product. On average, bonded rubber or poured-in-Rubber costs around $10-$30 per square foot. If compared with the conventional system, it looks like an expensive option. But in reality, it is a long-term investment. So, make sure to invest in this system. 

Benefits of Safety Surfacing 

Bonded Rubber surface is durable and equally elastic. Unlike cheap rubber, it consists of a mixture of top-quality polymers. Along with the durability, the characteristics of rubber provide a certain level of elasticity to make the surface even safer. Further, the shredded pieces of rubber are laid down uniformly over the ground. It works well for different types of grounds such as-- parks, schools, and many other recreational spots.

People usually love walking around a place that looks eye-catching. If it is a resort or a palace, then artificial surfacing is surely the best option for you.  Customers can have the latest collection of safety surfacing products with a variety of colors and designs. This would further add value to the place. Call us now to avail of the best offers.

Safety Surfacing products like bonded can last for more than 8 years. They don't need frequent repairs and replacements. Also, artificial systems create a systematic process of management. Undoubtedly, it is worth the investment and customers' money.  Additionally, traditional systems don't hold heavy traffic after a few years. They usually show wear and tear in extreme weather conditions. Also, it costs heavily on maintenance. So, it's best to decide beforehand. To get free estimates and quotes, contact us now.

Its surface is tough enough to handle heavy storms, sleet, hail, etc. Undoubtedly, it is one of the strongest surfacing materials, particularly when it comes to bearing stress and pressure. On the other hand, several cases of damage have been reported in the areas having conventional systems. They not only suffer cracks but also fade away over time. Why compromise when you can have access to unlimited benefits of safety surfacing.

Safety surfacing material resists the growth of mildews, fungus, bacteria. Also, there is no need to apply fungicides or pesticides to solve any danger. It is completely disease-resistant and safe. Children or youngsters would never catch any allergy or infection.  Additionally, the installation process goes pretty well with adequate knowledge and skills. Our company provides a qualified team to get the project done perfectly. Request a free quote to get started with the same.

It can be transformed into various designs and shapes depending on the need of the client. Several shades are available in the layering system for customer satisfaction. Interested? Call us now and book an appointment.

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Bonded Rubber installation

Firstly, the workers clear the previously established layers and create a balanced surface. The team needs to ensure the safety of their own at the same time. The mixture of granulated rubber is poured down and rolled uniformly. This way, the whole process is carried out keeping the minor details in mind. 

Further, the surface is left undisturbed overnight. After a couple of days, the ground would be ready to use. In case the previous ground bears any kind of logo or sign, our company is skilled in providing customized services without any negligence. Reach us to gather more information.

Why would you prefer us?

Customization: Our company designs the products as per the wish of the customers. We create logos, images, symbols to give it a unique look. Unlike other service providers, we first identify the preferences then proceed further. Also, we provide years of guarantee and warranty. Our products are fully verified and meet the required surfacing standards.

Skilled and experienced team: Our team has the required set of skills to excel in their job. They have the guidance and confidence to handle large projects without any hassle. Our workmanship never fails to impress the customers with their excellence in the work. 

Privacy policy: Customers would never face issues regarding the time, budget, security of information. We simply take care of all these important elements. People usually feel safe and satisfied when signing a deal with us. We tend to clarify the details to avoid any future dispute. 

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On the whole, Tallahassee Safety Surfacing is a trustworthy and dedicated safety surfacing service provider. We have been serving the country for years. In this competitive marketplace, our company stands out in the competition. Apart from Bonded Rubber our company do offers services for: –

  • Poured-In-Place Rubber
  • Rubber Tiles
  • Synthetic Grass
  • Synthetic Turf
  • Bonded Rubber Mulch
  • EPDM Rubber

To get the most out of our safety surfacing services, reach out ASAP.